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An Incredible Aroma Spices Experience

The ideas of the Zanaroma spices established by the students of tourism management and marketing for sake of explore and discover the test of Zanzibar spices in world wide.

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Nut meg

The nut meg is the spice that add the a distinct flavor to the variety of dishes also used in traditional medicine for the potential health benefits because it contain the compound of antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.


Turmeric is the spice with vibrant color and arrange of the potential health benefit. It can also used for culinary uses and natural remedy. the turmeric often used in curry powder giving their characteristic yellow color and it is common in dishes such as curries, soup and rice dishes also to add flavor and color to salad dressings


The cinnamon is a versatile spice which add the warm and aromatic flavor to a wide range of dishes like cinnamon rolls, apple pie and cookies, this is also good for beverage such as hot chocolate, mulled wine and spice teas.


The vanilla is a spice which is better for good test and good flavor which used in different dishes like in milk , baking, ice cream and custards. It is a popular and expensive spice and used flavor in world wide.

Special Price

ZanAroma spice . In this new year season have decided To offer the 15% to their customer whose purchase in bulk direct to their shop of ZanAroman spice.

ZanAroma Service Menu

Vanilla Spice

For the unexpected flavor


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Nutmeg Spice

For the best background flavor


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Improve your health


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Black Pepper

For the taste full


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Zan-Aroma spices is the newly brand in Zanzibar that offer special products as a solution of meal and improve your kitchen through considering your health status, “vegetables, herbs and spices.” if you can combine those ingredients, that would be the best dish you you had never cook

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