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About Spices

Zan Aroma Spices

Zan Aroma Spices offer You different types of spices that going to colored and nourish your home foods, with the lovely test to your meals. In this contents we categorize our products in 3 contents which herbal one , test spices and colored food spices. In to offering this products we are sure you by having these crucial credible spices.


Is a large ,triangular -shaped seed that is derived from a tropical tree, This has long used for culinary and dyeing application as well as preserving perishable foods .Additionally Annatto seed can be used as cost -effective substitute for saffaranos golden coloring

  • Brick red
  • Aroma : Slight peppery and nutmeg-kile
  • Test : zesty and Slight sweet
  • Flavor pairing :Paprika, chili powder, cloves , allspices


A popular ingredient spices in cuisine, cardamom come whole a green pods or ground as tan powder. If you use the whole pods lightly toast the seeds inside the pods for the fullest flavor prior to remove and grind it, this seed from 5 pods will equally approximately 1/4 tea spo0n ground_

  • Colour : light green or tan
  • Aroma : Pugment and warm
  • Test : Warm and Sweet
  • Flavor Pairing : Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspices, Ginger, Turmeric and Nutmeg


Are derived from dried ,unopened flower of a tropical ever green tree. They can easily overpower a recipe, especially when ground, so use sparingly.

  • Colour : Brown
  • Aroma : Pungent, warm and sweet
  • Test : Rich earthy, and spicy sweets
  • flavor Paring : Cinnamon ,allspices ,Cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, curry


Derived from nutmeg tree native ti the spices Islands. nutmeg is the hard oval seed inside the trees yellow fruits. Mostly used in ground form, powder nutmeg features are more concentrated flavor than whole

  • Colour : brown
  • Aroma : sweety and Nuty
  • Teste : warm, zestyvand slightly sweet with earthy, nutty undertone
  • Flavor Paring : Ginger, Cinnamon, allspices, coriander, mace and cloves